A peek down our aisles shows that we have a huge range of everyday groceries, local goodies, exotic gourmet needs, international and local ingredients, and a fantastic range of gluten-free and health-giving products. Learn More

Dairy & Freezer

We have a huge range of dairy and frozen products covering all the usual suspects and then, of course, our fantastic range of what we like to call ‘extras’. These are products you wouldn’t normally expect to find in a supermarket chiller or freezer such as gluten-free, organic, gourmet and international offerings. Learn More

Fresh Produce

Our fresh produce team hand select only the freshest and best quality fruits and vegetables for our Wembley SUPA IGA customers. We know exactly what our customers want and expect and always make sure we have a great range of locally grown seasonal produce at competitive prices. Learn More


Our Deli stocks a range of cheeses as well as prosciutto, salamis, real ham off the bone, and delicious marinated olives.

Lunch anyone? Our cooks and chefs also make delicious rolls and ready to eat meals. Take a seat in our in-store café or enjoy your meal at home. Learn More


Our meat section is managed by staff who are passionate about the quality of our product. Their dedication ensures our meat is always fresh and tender! Our meat is also backed by IGA’s 200% fresh guarantee which means we guarantee our meat to be the freshest and best quality available or we’ll replace the item and give you your money back! Learn More

The Wine Box

The Wine Box is conveniently located inside the Wembley SUPA IGA so you can pick up a bottle from our wide range and enjoy with your meal. Choose from a large selection of crafts beers and ciders as well as an extensive range of local and international wines. Learn More


Remember when going to the bakery was an adventure with mouth-watering delights? We do, and that’s why we bake some of our own goodies right here in the store. Our bakery offers the traditional golden oldies along with the greatest of the latest. There is a wide selection of baked bread, savouries, pies, sweets and cakes along with a large range of organic, gluten-free and low GI products. Learn More

Rewards Club

Wembley SUPA IGA Rewards Club is our very own rewards program. Instead of complicated offers or ‘travel points’ you may never redeem, our offer is simple. For every dollar you spend you will receive a point automatically allocated to your card*. Learn More

Meals To Go

There’s no doubt we are all much busier and short on time than we used to be. However, eating healthy nutritious meals shouldn’t be something we sacrifice. At Wembley SUPA IGA we make it easy for our customers to choose from a range of deliciously prepared meals and salads 24 hours a day! Learn More



Our seasonal recipes are updated regularly and shared on our Facebook page. Wherever possible we always incorporate local ingredients, suppliers and manufacturers.

Plus you will usually find one or more of the ingredients on special in our store – So it’s a great way to cook seasonally and save money!

We also love sharing customers own recipes so if you have something you would like to share with us and see in our recipe library, please let us know!

See All Recipes


But don’t take our word for it – Check out how we bring you everyday value for money and cracking weekly specials!


Our goal is to support community groups, sporting and recreational organisations in our region and of course those local community organisations you don’t hear about every day, we do this through our NeighbourHug initiative.

About Us

At Supa IGA Wembley we like to think of our store as different in a great way! Not only are we a full line Supermarket open 24 hours with market-fresh produce, huge delicatessen and gourmet food departments, onsite butchery and a bakery, you will also find many ‘extras’ you just wouldn’t normally expect!


Our Meals To Go department is a good example – our self serve salad bar is also OPEN 24 Hours and offers a large range of freshly made salads whilst our self serve hot meal section is available from 10am-10pm 7 days a week.